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Ila's vrienden Prentenboek Auteurs: Dani van Doorn & Ilaria Conalbi Uitgeverij: Aldo Manuzio


Bright shadows children book illustrations

Bright Shadows are worlds where children are safe, where the darkness isn’t dangerous. Children can be free to live their dreams, to fly, to breathe underwater, to travel and meet the unknown. ​The magic light and their animal friends always protect them from their fears, allowing them to fully enjoy each single moment, to see only the beauty of life.

bright shadows bw cover

Bright Shadows ink

Bright shadows illustrations brought to life only by ink on paper.

Mediq cover

Mediq headquarters - Wall art

Creation of concept and design for artworks in Mediq's new headquarters meeting rooms. Each artwork is inspired by the life and discoveries of pioneers of science and medicine.

Soulshopping cover


Illustrations and graphic design for Soulshopping, stylist and personal shopper. - -

Dreaming Carmen 2

Dreaming Carmen

Carmen is a little girl. She is a bit shy, lost in her thoughts. She has a quiet sweet friend named Lizard, he follows her and always keeps her company. 

Children book cover

Children book illustration

Illustrations for children book describing immigrant children experiences.

Poppy Lon cover

Poppy Lon

Illustrations and graphic design for Poppy Lon, chocolatier.



Spooky is a little ghost who wants to behave as a normal child. Everything is new for him, every little thing is fascinating.

Sugar Stevie Ray

Sugar Stevie Ray

CD Artwork and graphic design for jazz vocalist and composer Anne Chris. - -

corea cover


3D Illustrations and interior design concept for a luxury supermarket in Korea. - Buro Loods, Amsterdam -