A couple of weeks ago I’ve been assisting the amazing photograher ( in a wedding photoshoot on the Garda Lake.

We’ve been sailing on the lake at the golden hour, each photographer’s dream. The water seemed to be made of honey and everything was magically glowing.

It was a little hazy, so a few friendly seagulls made sure that we wouldn’t get lost ūüėČ

What a wonderful moment!


New moon

I was sleeping in the house on the beach, when I heard the whales singing. I thought that they wanted me to go to see them at the rocks, like I usually do.

When I arrived, something magic happened, I saw a very small fin coming out of the water. A baby! What a wonderful news! We celebrated the whole night swimming and singing our favorite songs together.


Liquid glow

Nights are never completely dark, the moon is there to guide us.

Sometimes the unespected happens, pure magic, the water glows if you touch it!

If you look further under the water surface, you can discover infinite worlds ready to be explored.