Wish Tree

‘These trees are so beautiful, I love the colours of the ribbons dancing in the wind.’ Said the girl.

‘They’re not just ribbons, they’re wishes.’ Whispered the bird.

‘Here, take one and make a wish, it will come true.’


Between sky and water, clouds and mountains, where the sun burns and the wind is cold, lives the majestic white Yak.

He is the guardian of the holy city.

I gave him a present and he let me pass, so I could admire the ancient monastery and its beautiful statues, fabrics, paintings and offers.

I went to the very top of the monastery and looked far far away, I’ve listened to the singing of the monks and of the wind. I saw eagles flying above the golden roofs.

It was truly a magic place.


Tonight a new friend visited me, a beautiful , elegant Giraffe.

She was passing by with her family, when she noticed that I was reading a book about the sea.

The giraffe came closer to admire those magical pictures about oceans, fishes and waves.

She told me she had no idea that there could be so much water on Earth!