Today I went visiting uncle Bear. His tree house is always warm, full of food, books and games.

This time we played a new card game… and I won! I think that uncle Bear didn’t see it coming 😉

We had so much fun!


Wooooowww, have you ever seen anything like this little girl? Look at all those colours! I bet that those muffins have melted chocolate inside.

Everything looks so delicious, I don’t know what to taste first!


A couple of weeks ago I’ve been assisting the amazing photograher ( in a wedding photoshoot on the Garda Lake.

We’ve been sailing on the lake at the golden hour, each photographer’s dream. The water seemed to be made of honey and everything was magically glowing.

It was a little hazy, so a few friendly seagulls made sure that we wouldn’t get lost 😉

What a wonderful moment!